What is Branding?

July 18, 2019 Posted by Sarah

Our guide to branding,

what it is and how you can use it to drive success

A brand is everything to an organisation or individual. But what is a brand exactly.

In its simplistic form, a brand can be defined as a unique design featuring signs, symbols, word marks, emblems, characters or a combination of them all to create a brand image that identifies a product and differentiates businesses from its competitors. The question, what is a brand becomes more complex when organisations seek to use the power of their brand to add value to consumers lives in attempts to become indispensable.

You can’t escape a brand, no matter how hard you try. They are everywhere. We see them in advertising, at every purchase point we encounter often popping up when we least expect it.

The most switches on businesses are using their brand as an asset. Chief Marketing Offices, Chief Executives, Boards and Directors and Business Owners are beginning to realise the potential a successful brand has in creating value and mapping out future success for their organisations.

Branding success relies on…

Your brand holds real strategic value. It can can help consumers pick you out in a noisy marketplace. No matter how big or small, new or old your organisation is, make sure your branding:

  • forges an emotional connection
  • builds long term relationships
  • evolves to remain relevant
  • navigates a purchase choice
  • offers reassurance customers your have made the right choice
  • utilises intelligent design to maintain engagement

Business to Business, Consumer and personal branding has become an essential part of an organisations or individuals success. Good branding achieves all of the above if brand strategists, creatives and marketers embrace the branding process and use it as a real tool to leverage a businesses potential.

Our guide to brand strategy 

Here is some key information about the brand basics you need to consider when you faced with the exciting journey of creating, developing and marketing your brand.

Need a professional branding agency to create or develop your brand? 

Brand Jam can take care of all of your branding needs. From creating new brands for startups to tweaking or developing existing brands for all organisational types and sizes.

Our Creative Director, Chris Robinson, has been developing brands for over 20 years and has an intimate understanding of the branding process and what it takes to create and maintain successful brands, Sarah Hackett, Brand Jam’s Marketing Director has worked in marketing both client and agency side for 15 years and brings insight and marketing to the table. Together, they offer you a holistic view of how your brand can best be designed and marketed to drive successful returns on investment.

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