We can make you feel great about your brand.

Working with you to create or fine tune your branding is what gives us our adrenaline rush. We love sharing the big moments with you when you feel great about the look, feel and strategic direction of your brand image.

Here’s how we make this happen. Take a look.

Our creative concepts are research to make sure they will speak to your audience

1. Research is key

This is our starting point. Always. Whether you’re asking us to create something from nothing or tweak your existing brand. We’ll ask friendly questions about you, what your customers think, what they want from you and how you are seen amongst your competitors. Then, we gather our thoughts and complete your brand audit which we will use to propel your brand identity into a much happier place.

We have great creative vision underpinned by marketing know-how

2. Creative vision

Now we have your brand strategy in-line with your business strategy, the creative process can begin. This is where we see energy injected into ideas. Everything starts to come to life as our creative vision captures your brand voice; the look, feel and tone of your business. Our aim is to ensure our conceptual designs reach your audiences as they should for your marketplace. We want to add value, only offering designs that are relevant and 100% feasible.

We breathe life and energy into your brand with our design and marketing strategy

3. Making it happen

Now your brand breathes life, we will offer you ongoing help and support to keep you where you want to be in the minds of your customers. Consistency is the key, we’ll help you deliver your brand in all of your key areas of communication; digital, marketing collateral, packaging, exhibitions, point of sale and more.

We also specialise in:

Marketing services provided by Brand Jam Limited

Marketing Support

Sometimes it can be incredibly useful to thrash out your ideas with someone outside the four walls of your business. Together, we can translate your long term vision into practical marketing goals that adds further weight to your marketing strategy. Our marketing team will brainstorm, support and help you deliver your digital and traditional marketing campaigns in ways that really speak to your audience.

Full basic and conceptual design services are available at Brand Jam Limited

Graphic Design

Design trends come and go. What was cutting edge design a few years ago may be seen as old fashioned today. Staying ahead of the curve is crucial to ensuring your brand remains current and attractive to your target markets. We add verve to your design projects by employing high-end design flair, knowledge and skill. We think every project through carefully to produce real and practical creative solutions that are most suited to your audience and method of delivery.

Digital Design Services are available from Brand Jam Limited

Digital Services

Ways to market your business changes continuously. Traditional forms are being replicated across multiple digital platforms. Knowing where to place your content marketing can be daunting. This is where we come in. We can help you identify the most effective social media platform for your business, produce relevant and engaging content for distribution and link it back to a beautifully designed and user friendly website.

Wayfinding services provided by Brand Jam Limited

Signage & Wayfinding

Helping your visitors orientate themselves to navigate around your environment is critical to the success of any building, venue, event or leisure attraction. This important objective can be achieved by using supporting signage located in the correct positions. Equally the additional use of interactive interpretation pieces will help visitors completely engage with their surroundings. Talk to us about how we can help you get this right.

Exhibition design is available at Brand Jam Limited

Exhibition Design

You’ve booked a stand at a trade fair, trade show or expo. Now what? Now you need to create an eye catching stand and an attractive proposition to persuade people to come over and talk business with you. Over the years, our team have sourced, designed and delivered some very inspired exhibition stands for different types of businesses with differing budgets. Supporting materials such as leaflets, give aways, digital videos, posters and floor graphics are covered too.

Copywriting provided by Brand Jam Limited.


Writing content that actively raises brand awareness and persuades your audience to take action can be tricky and time consuming. Our copywriter will write copy that matches your brief and method of delivery in the most appropriate way. We will write relevant copy for billboards, brochures, catalogues, feature articles, sales letters, direct mail, video scripts, social media posts, email campaigns and websites. All of our digital copywriting is focused on keyword rich content to ensure your communication piece gets maximum attention.

Art directed and product photography is available at Brand Jam Limited

Photography & Art Direction

A picture is worth a thousand words. But what if the photograph doesn’t compliment your brand or allow enough space for your logo or text? Then, it is just a great photograph and nothing more. Our photography projects are always directed with a clear focus of what you need for a specific marketing activity. Using this method, we can ensure your brand image is maintained and each piece of marketing collateral carries an intrinsic value. 

Print Management Services provided by Brand Jam Limited

Print Management

The digital world has changed the way we interact with each other; content is here today and gone tomorrow. How you order your print has also changed. Smaller run lengths with personalised content including a highly tactile design is becoming more popular because of its ability to leave a long lasting impression. We can help you achieve the look and finish you want. And, our trusted and specialist print suppliers are all experts within their field. Rest assured that with their expertise and our quality control your beautiful new design will be printed with the care and attention to detail it demands.

Now, it’s time to give your brand the sticking power it deserves. 

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