We create, develop and market dynamic brands for people who are passionate about their business.

We want to see great companies and vital not-for-profit charities and social enterprises thrive.

In our experience, resilient brands belong to organisations who understand the need for a mighty visual identity, an intimate knowledge of their audience and brand storytelling that’s engaging and relevant.

We exist to help you create your brand and/or develop it in line with changing business plans. Once your brand stretegy is in place, we’ll help you market your offering to your audience(s) with clear messaging, striking visuals and robust tactical planning for digital and offline marketing initiatives.

Join us today and let us take your creative and marketing headaches away. We’ll make you proud of who you are and help you deliver stand out marketing campaigns that stick in the hearts and minds of your customers and supporters.

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Brand Jam is a creative agency dedicated to your cause.

It’s not in our interest to ask you to waste money, time and resources on wacky ideas that won’t give you a return on investment. Instead, we promise to get to know you and your organisations’ vision in detail. Our discovery sessions (over tea, coffee and chocolate biscuits) are used to make sure we are 100% aligned with your business goals and objectives.

We’ll find your brand voice and special place in your audiences’ hearts.

Helping a new startup company breathe life into their idea means as much as us as working on significant marketing campaigns for well-known brands. We also support social enterprises and charities who have advocate important causes to existing and new supporters. We understand your challenges and will help you work through them to make sure the content you put out is on-brand, relevant and meaningful to your audience.

We have enormous amounts of creativity and bright ideas.

Our branding, graphic design and marketing expertise is firmly grounded in years of industry and real-life experience. Over the years, we’ve developed a rich understanding of how to create marketing content that is visually strong, clear on messaging and capable of surpassing your KPI’s. Ultimately, we’ll make you look great, ooze personality and remain forever sticky in the minds and hearts of your customers.

A design and marketing agency working for you

New Startups

Let us turn your big idea into a brand for you. Together, we’ll craft your brand strategy and develop a resilient vision statement. The next stage is the design of your bespoke logo, development your complete brand identity, brand assets and toolkit.

Throughout the whole process, our marketing knowledge and experience is used to help you identify the right customers, perfect your marketing messaging and pin down the correct routes to market so that you can execute your business plan with confidence and purpose.

Growing SMEs

Our professional, highly qualified and experienced graphic designers manage your brand assets and turn marketing ideas into reality. We’ll consistently give you real time account management, fresh ideas, creative problem-solving and dedicated customer service.

No overpromises – just real ideas and skilled design for digital and print marketing delivered on time. Our marketing services is also here to work out your content strategy, social media schedule and online visibility. If you are low on team members, we’ll become your extended inhouse team.

Charities & Social Enterprises

You have an important cause and want people to share your vision. We are here to help you turn interest into advocacy so you can develop a fan base that gives you their full support.

Whether you need to increase membership donations, attract more visitors or create awareness, we are the agency for you.

We specialise in developing charity and community messaging and creating compelling visual content that makes your brand and cause storytelling really hit home. Use our branding and marketing expertise to publish engaging messaging and content  that move people to take action.

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