We create, develop and market dynamic brands for people who are passionate about their business.

We love seeing great companies with a strong vision and passionate owners thriving. In our experience, companies that thrive have built a strong brand identity using a clear brand strategy and a disciplined process of best practice. We exist to help you address any branding issues you might have. And, if that’s not an issue, we’d love to help you turn your marketing briefs into well-executed brand assets that you’ll be happy, proud and confident to run with.

Brand Jam is a creative agency dedicated to your cause. It’s not in our interest to ask you to waste money on wacky ideas that won’t give you a return on investment. Instead, we promise to get to know you and your big idea in detail. Our discovery sessions (always with a cup of tea and a packet of cholocate biscuits) purposefully make sure we are 100% aligned with your business goals and objectives.

We help any business or person find their brand voice no matter what size, shape or type of organisation you are or work for. Helping a new startup company breathe life into their idea means as much as us as working on significant marketing campaigns for well known brands.

We have enormous amounts of creativity and bright ideas that we can use to make your organisation look great, ooze personality and remain relevant in your marketplace.

Our branding, graphic design and marketing expertise is firmly grounded in years of industry experience. Over the years, we’ve developed a rich undertanding of how to develop well designed marketing campaigns that means lots to real people living todays life.


You can partner up with us in the following ways…

As a new startup: let us turn your big idea into a brand for you. Together, we’ll craft a brand vision, design your logo, create a brand identity and create a brand strategy that will enable you to roll out your new look and feel to internal and external audiences. We can write tactical marketing plans that will enable you to execute your business plan with purpose and confidence.

As a growing SME (Small to Medium-sized Enterprise): Our professional and highly qualified and experienced graphic designers can help you manage your brand assets and turn marketing ideas into reality. We’ll consistently give you real time account management, fresh ideas, creative problem-solving and dedicated customer service. No overpromising – just real ideas and skilled design for print and digital using experienced professionals who know how.

As an established big brand and blue-chip enterprise: allow us to become a reliable and trusted extension to your design and marketing teams. We are a complete, multi skilled agency with great people who would be more than happy to ease the pressure when deadlines get tight.

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