tink ‘n’ stink, Packaging


tink ’n’ stink is an online educational resource shop. They specialise in supplying products that aim to support people with learning disabilities such as Dyslexia, Autism and ADHD.


What we delivered

As well as sourcing some remarkable products, tink ’n’ stink also manufacture their own product lines. We were asked to design a suite of packaging to sit across their full range. Each individual product line featured a strong vibrant base colour to establish shelf appeal. We also used the brand characters to deliver key safety information like a direct conversation between the manufacturer and user. Additionally, the characters were used on the plastic injection molded end caps that are attached to the sand timers. This cleverly allows the tink ‘n’ stink brand to still be visible once the product is removed from its outer packaging.

  • Categories : Packaging
  • Client : tink 'n' stink

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