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tink ’n’ stink is an online educational resource shop. They specialise in supplying products that aim to support people with with learning disabilities such as Dyslexia, Autism and ADHD.

When tink ’n’ stink came to us, they had been in business for a year. At that time, their logo had been created quickly to get them past the launch of their e-commerce website. The branding along with the logo, now needed developing into something more professional and user friendly. The owners of tink ’n’ stink liked the original hand drawn concept of their logo and wanted to see this carried through into the development process.


What we delivered

The brand needed to appeal to a wide ranging demographic from children through to senior buyers in the education sector. The business name originated from the nicknames of the owners children. We wanted to maintain this connection to help carry the brand story forward and so included the two characters within the logo body. A bright and powerful colourway was chosen to help give tink ‘n’ stink an uplifting and cheerful personality.

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  • Client : tink 'n' stink

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