Lichfield Garrick Branding


The Lichfield Garrick is a modern theatre and registered charity. Its two main performance areas become dynamic stages for many shows and performances which run throughout the year.

The purpose of the theatre is to champion youth and adult community performances as well as playing host to a large amount of touring and local theatre shows.

In their sixteenth year, senior management ‘felt our current branding no longer reflected the modern-day theatre and independent charity we have proudly become’. They approached Brand Jam for a rebrand to better represent this position both locally and nationally.

In response, we designed a brand strategy that introduced new logo designs, colour pallets, typographic styling, indoor and outdoor signage as well as promotional and corporate re-designs for use across print and digital media.


The Creative Brief 

After receiving an initial brief, we visited the theatre and worked closely with senior management to intimately understand the inner workings of the not-for-profit organisation. From this, we developed a big idea that became the lynchpin on which to craft a new brand identity.


The Challenges

Over time, their current branding had become irrelevant and was no longer adding value. A fresh look was needed. One that would build on the theatre’s successes, taking it to a new level during its journey to build and enhance communities through performing arts.


Our Creative Response

To renew their position in the community, we developed new vision and mission statements and interlaced them with the Lichfield Garricks’ brand values. This new stance was used to develop a fresh, clean distinctive look that will become a consistent and recognisable brand symbol for all to know.


The Signature Logo

As a dementia-friendly organisation, the new logo needed to be simple, clean, modern and forward-looking. It also had to be practical so it could be transferred across building signage and be placed on a variety of marketing materials without any distortion.

We created a clever two 2D drawing that challenges what you see. As your eye is drawn to the shape, colour and then form, you gain a new ‘perspective’ every time you encounter it.

The power of the new logo lies in its ability to re-frame common misconceptions associated with visiting the theatre. Not just people’s view that theatre is only for the elite but also how a story told in performance could reframe a life experience or thought process within anyone.


The result is a contemporary logo that provides maximum presence, a clear message and a huge amount of flexibility, particularly when used in 3rd party touring posters.


Colour pallet

To inject energy into the new brand identity, we introduced a vibrant colour pallet that sported fresh, pure colours.

Red was chosen as the signature colour to provide continuity and supporting blues, yellows and greens were used to support the new look. The four colours work together beautifully, creating a flexible, bold and forward-looking brand. Our colour pallet allows the Lichfield Garrick’s signature logo to be placed into several different backgrounds without any worry of it jarring or becoming lost in busy posters.



Typographic style is a core element of the Lichfield Garrick’s brand identity. We chose a font that has clean lines and legibility across both digital media and printed collateral. Its warm personality and open character style lend itself to being dementia-friendly whilst reflecting the brand’s positioning as a modern theatre.


The Green Room Logo

The Green Room is a cafe and social space where visitors and patrons can relax and enjoy good food and a variety of drinks.

It’s open to everyone every day. The styling of the Green Room logo remains the same as the signature logo but carries a slight tweak. It has a distinctive darker green colourway and a slightly altered shape to give this social space its own look and feel while remaining ‘on brand’.


Our final thoughts

Re-branding an awarding winning theatre was a fun, immersive and totally absorbing challenge. We wholeheartedly set out to bring out the very best of the Lichfield Garrick using a new brand identity that is in complete alignment with their vision. We wanted to add maximum value and ultimately create a cohesive brand that the Lichfield Garrick would be incredibly proud of.

Chris Robinson and Sarah Hackett are the lead brand strategists and creatives for the Lichfield Garrick rebrand project. Find out more about them here or contact us for a chat about a branding project here

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