Floral Jazz Florist Brochure Design


Vanessa, the owner and head florist of Floral Jazz came to Brand Jam for creative design.

The colourful and beautiful flower arrangements Vanessa makes are getting noticed by many people; couples looking for wedding flowers, event hosts requiring corporate flowers, families looking for thoughtful flower arrangements and individuals seeking out floristry courses.

With such interest, Vanessa had self-designed a number of leaflets to promote her services. Whilst care had been taken, each leaflet had a slightly different style, colour pallet and tone. Realising the difficulty in finding a consistent look, Vanessa approached us for help tightening up her brand identity and brand positioning.

Key issues to address: 

  • Inconsistent branding across promotional materials
  • Difficulty finding appropriate messaging that sells floristry to varied audiences for different occasions

Our solution:

Chris decided the best way forward was to design three communication pieces:

  • A brochure, promoting flowers for all occasions
  • Photography led business cards, and
  • An attention grabbing 6 month event leaflet

Bringing flowers to life 

Chris visualised a design that would easily incorporate the existing Floral Jazz logo, showcase a stunning portfolio of work and use well written copy to introduce Vanessa’s story, her style of floristry, the values of Floral Jazz, types of services and a very clear call to action.

Chris carefully chose a number of high end images from Vanessa’s image bank to best demonstrate the quality and appeal of Vanessa’s work. Copy for the brochure, written by Sarah (Brand Jam), was informative but keep to a minimum as to not to overshadow the powerful imagery.

Final thoughts

Ultimately, our overall aim was to achieve coherence to Vanessa’s brand. The new literature now gives a brand experience that was never there before. The uniform quality to Chris’ designs convey a hidden message that Vanessa really cares about her customers. Ultimately, we know this new found clarity will engage her audience, offer relevancy to various services and help new and existing customers buy her floristry services with confidence and ease.

  • Categories : Branding, Design for Print
  • Client : Floral Jazz

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