Bright Spark, Branding


bright spark is a unique business producing and selling images captured by a Kirlian camera. The result of this photographic technique results in stunning images of electrical discharge around peoples hands and innate objects.

Being a new business, the owners wanted us to create a brand image that could be used across a variety of platforms including traditional print and digital media. Their wish was for the logo to hint at the extraordinary photographic process.


The solution

We wanted the logo to have a sense of energy radiating outwards to mirror the images captured by the Kirlian camera. A clean and modern san-serif font with simple lines and curves was used to form the base design. Green was chosen as the brand colour to act as a stark point of difference between the purples, violets and blues that are naturally produced by an authentic Kirlian image.

The complete brand has a premium and modern feel. It conveys a real sense of vitality which we effectively utilised to generate a ‘wow’ moment that deliberately leaves a lasting impression in the mind of their audience.

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  • Client : Bright Spark

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