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Adept cleaning offers professional cleaning services to commercial businesses such as professional practices, educational establishments, primary healthcare outlets, leisure facilities, hotels and industrial manufacturers. They also successfully recruit and support national franchisees.


What we delivered

When we first met our client they already had the logo in place and some marketing collateral. However, something was amiss. They didn’t feel happy with how it looked when they tried to use it. We were initially asked to look at the Adept logo and see why it just wasn’t clicking for them.

After gathering all the current collateral together, we quickly released there was no consistency within the brand usage. We advised that a brand refresh and new guidelines would help to pull everything together and give them a real focus.

Whilst we didn’t change the design of the logo, we did change the colourway. Originally set in dark blue and orange, we substituted the orange for a cleaner light blue. This also gave our client the option for the logo to be produced out of white against the light blue. This simple change dramatically altered the logo from feeling dated into a fresh modern and professional mark.

Now we had the logo working, we looked at how this would sit across all of their marketing collateral, from business stationery and workbooks through to exhibitions and their website. To find a high level of consistency, we created the correct tone of voice to work alongside a better use of photography and typography styles.

As completion of the refreshed branding was finalised, our client felt much happier and very enthusiastic about their brand again. To aid it’s use in future marketing and operational materials we complied a comprehensive set of guidelines to ensure uniformity was used at head office and within each franchise.

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  • Client : Adept Cleaning Services

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