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March 30, 2020 Posted by Sarah

Covid-19 update for our clients, suppliers and business networking friends


We hope you and your loved ones are safe and well. We also hope that you’re finding time to work on your business and spend time with your family during our national lockdown.

This is an important update from Chris and Sarah to tell you that we remain open, providing a full design and online marketing service to all of our clients (new and existing). The cliche ‘business as usual’ rings true as (despite remote working), we are able to keep calm and carry on. The way we look after you and fulfil your projects hasn’t changed. In the cold reality of COVID-19, we are very much here  to support you. Both Chris and Sarah are available at any time to talk though your new challenges, help you plan for your reopening and provide ideas on how you can adapt your digital and online marketing to fit this new context.

Brand Jam Creates Amazing Customer Touchpoints
Brand Jam Develops Unique Customer Experiences
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What’s happened to the new studio?

As a small, agile agency, we very quickly moved Brand Jam’s studio to a new temporary studio at our homes. Whilse we had only just moved into our new studio, our priority was to ensure we played our part in protecting you and our staff and fully supported the UK Government’splan to keep the NHS stable for the wider community.

How can you keep working on my project?

The simple answer is by using the best cloud-based technology. Last year, we wanted to innovate our work-flow systems. This lead is to investing some resources into several excellent cloud-based technologies to achieve the goal of being able to run our studio from anywhere in the world if we needed to. Honestly, we imagined we would be relying on our new systems when holidaying in exotic lands rather than a few miles down the road in our own homes! However, needs must, and we are happy to report that our new work-flow systems are working perfectly. Therefore, you will not experience any delays in your desired turnaround time as we have access to everything just like we would in normal times.

Brand Jam Moving Studio
Brand Jam Studio Frontage
Chris Robinson Master of the Design Studio

Marketing your organisation in a crisis

We are so happy to be offering you a full, uninterrupted service and we are absoutely commited to helping as many businesses as we can duirng this challenging time and when it is all over.

If your orders have decreased, events have been cancelled and fundraising has stopped, it is really important that you don’t stop marketing your business or organisation. Now is not the time to hide. Instead, take all your tactical marketing online so you can be seen and heard in all the right places. Staying visible as much as possible will really help you. Also, please remember that your customers won’t necessarily come to you so it’s vitally important that you tweak your marketing channels so that you can reach out to them at home. There are many marketing tactics that you can implement that cost next to nothing if cash flow is a real struggle.

First and foremost, get in contact with your cusomers. Open up a dialogue and talk tell them how they can still do business with you. If your market is buoyant, explain how you can help. Demonstrate that your product or service is available to purchase and tell them how you can get it to them. If you are unable to sell, use social media to stay visible and put out messages of how your are doing your bit for your local community and industry. There is always something positive to say – call us if you need help figuring out what it is and how you can best say it.

In this last week alone, we have received new orders for new brand development, social media visuals, tactical marketing 1:2:1’s and educational packs to take learning activities online.

Ways we can help you..

Here are a few examples of how you can use this time to benefit you. Call us if you need help with..

  • Forward planning
  • New marketing tactics
  • Moving print marketing collateral online
  • Taking events online
  • Website reviews and updates
  • Branding development
  • Brand creation to bring a new product or service to market
  • Social media graphics
  • Communication plans and messaging tweaks

To keep business flowing during this time, we have flexible payment plans that allow you to order the creative and marketing you need to stay visible and build your brand awareness. If you need something but are strunngling with cash flow – please contact us. We and our services are never out of reach.

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